Wrestling With Wolves is a powerful new Iowa quartet whose songs hit more like emotional diary chapters than they do homey Midwestern singalongs. Of course, singer Danny Wolf's seamless way of stitching the truth to the back of his infectious melodies -- like Peter Pan's shadow to his boot -- is something we've grown to expect.

If you recall, it's a craft he honed as frontman for the beloved Twin Cities band Small Towns Burn a Little Slower. In Wresting With Wolves the thoughtful lyricist has turned his acoustic fables, born in green rooms across the country, into full-band classic rock gems that speak to Conor Oberst and Butch Walker fans alike. And the only way to get the whole story is to queue up the record yourself.

"This song is extremely personal and autobiographical," Wolf admits. So, you know what to do: Grab 'The Perks Of Being a Small Flower' below.

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