Peter Mercado ends his musical hiatus with Wrightwood, a beautiful project that pays homage to legends like Elliot Smith and contemporaries Earlimart. The soft, low hum of Mercado's voice has a certain class to it that not all modern artists possess, and when laid over his lackadaisical -- not lazy -- music, it evokes pleasant calm in the listener.

Today's free MP3 download, 'Valley,' is appropriately titled, considering the California resident named his persona after a tiny Golden State mountain town.

"'Valley' is a song inspired by a combination of landscapes that are dear to me and of people who have passed from my life," Mercado told "It came to me while traveling through these places, thinking of these people. But for me, the best meaning for 'Valley' is from the listener who takes what they want from 'Valley' and attach themselves in the way they like best."

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