Writer is a Brooklyn-by-way-of-California duo consisting of James and Andy Ralph. More than just casual brothers, they have a strong bond -- one epitomized by their matching tattoos, which feature the words "Brothers Ralph" surrounding an anchor like sailors navigating a sea. Appropriately, their new record is called 'Brotherface.' Today they offer up a free download of 'Hot Days.'

The instantly catchy single has has a jangly, Jesus and Mary Chain quality. Brother Andy tells Diffuser.fm, "Three winters ago, I had the song 'Heatwave' by Martha & the Vandellas burning up my ear drums. Two winters ago, I had 'Summer In The City' by the Lovin' Spoonful on hot rotation. Last winter, I moved to New York, and it wasn't cold at all, so I decide to write my own warmed-over jam."

Grab 'Hot Days' below.

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