We're totally into Wye Oak's new album, 'Shriek,' which came out yesterday. We particularly like the album's closing song, 'Logic of Color,' which sounds like a Eurythmics song (we've been on a big Eurythmics kick lately, so anything that sounds remotely like them, we're into now).

The Baltimore duo has just released a new video for the song 'Glory,' which is pretty good too. There's lots of pink in it. Pink ice cream. Pink shirts. Pink lipstick. Pink walls. Like we said, lots of pink.

The song swings into Wye Oak's new synth-pop-driven sound, which steers off-course from what we're used to from the band on its previous three records.

Now that 'Shriek' is out, they're hitting the road in support of it, pretty much staying on the road for the next two months, starting the tour in Pittsburgh and wrapping up in Louisville. You can see the full list of tour dates here.

BTW: Here's Wye Oak performing part of 'Logic of Color' at SXSW this year.