Comcast Xfinity shows off the speed of its Internet service in a commercial featuring drag racing houses on wheels and the music of a group of 'Born Losers.'

The promo is set to a high-octane dirty rock song with punk energy. Instead of turning to one of the many garage-rock revival bands out there, Xfinity went back to the '80s to find a track from Swedish rockers the Stomachmouths.

The song in the ad is the appropriately named 'Speed Freak,' taken from 'Born Losers,' a 2003 compilation of the band's best work from between 1984 and 1989.

'Speed Freak' sets the tone for the commercial as neighbors do battle to determine who has the faster Internet connection. In this surreal universe, both neighbors live in houses that have monster-truck wheels attached so they can race down the road.

The Xfinity house eventually pulls away, leaving the poor guy with the other Internet provider in the dust as he sits and waits for his streaming video to finish buffering. A narrator informs viewers that Xfinity was rated as having the fastest Internet connection. "How fast is your house?" she asks.

Hear the Stomachmouths' 'Speed Freak' in the Xfinity Internet Commercial