Y LUV has all the necessary components for success. The Los Angeles-born pop band has boyish good looks, incredibly catchy hooks and not a care in the world on their latest single, "Driftin."

The song speaks directly to the stressed out masses on America's coasts that are too busy to sit back, relax and listen to what's happening.

Sometimes, you just have to get in your car and drift along the shoreline, letting go of it all.

"'Driftin' is about how out of control life can sometimes feel and realizing that that's OK and enjoying it," singer Freddy Janney tells Diffuser.fm.

But before you unplug, be sure to listen to Y LUV and their pop-optimism. They're like a casual Kings of Leon, complete with soaring vocals, inspiring lead guitar riffs and a bit of Red Hot Chili Peppers' beach vibes thrown in for good measure. So that's probably a good place to start on your journey towards serenity.

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