Yassou Benedict began their career in Hudson, N.Y., before making a big move to San Francisco, where the band has developed and grown into a genre-bending force bound to get some notice this year.

They recorded their new EP, 'In Fits In Dreams,' at home in Upstate New York, and it features two awesome cameos from Melissa Auf Der Mauer -- and a whole lot of dark-wave rock 'n' roll.

'Last Cicada,' Yassou Benedict's latest single, is a slow-burning gem that becomes increasingly violent as it progresses. A single guitar plucks a sweet melody in a dark forest before singer Lilie Bytheway-Hoy's eerie voice lights up the sky. Once the second movement is introduced, the lone cicada sings its swan song through a swirl of knife-stab synths.

"It's about how we handle the times we live in,” the group's James Jackson tells Diffuser.fm. "On one hand, I want to wake up and work hard to better myself, but sometimes, the weight forces me to go running away as fast as I can, destroying everything in my path."

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