Considering the refrain in the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ ‘Mosquito’ is “Mosquito, mosquito, mosquito… he’ll suck your blood,” can we really be surprised at the outcome of their brand-new video for the title track off their 2013 album? The mildly gross clip is a close-up on a mosquito sucking blood from a boy’s hand. The kid can be seen in a thumbnail in the bottom-right corner, and he’s pretty nonplussed and most likely unaware of what this mosquito looks like — lucky him. As the video progresses, the mosquito grows until it turns downright psychedelic, transforming into rainbow colors. Spoiler alert: The boy squashes the trippy mosquito.

If we haven’t ruined the video for you and you didn’t just eat breakfast, go ahead and check out the Shimbe Shim-directed clip above.