Do you know who the smiling girl is in the photo above? Unfortunately, her short life wasn't always filled with such big smiles.

Our mystery girl was born in London and released her first album when she was 20. That debut album wasn't a huge hit, but her follow-up record three years later was. And the success of that album led to some of the bad habits and abuse that eventually killed her. Up until her death a couple of years ago, she was heralded as the best white soul singer of her generation.

That breakthrough album was a hit with both fans and critics. It was nominated for six Grammy Awards, winning five of them -- a record for the most single wins by a female artist. But she was just as well known for her tabloid-attracting self-destructive bad behavior as she was for her big voice. She was working on her third album when, sadly, she died of alcohol poisoning at the age of 27.

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