Do you know who the smiling dude above is? We'll give you a little hint: His real name is a lot less chaotic than his stage name.

He was born in upstate New York in the mid '70s. His father died when he was three, and his stepfather moved the family to California when he was six. He attended Catholic school there through the eighth grade. But once he reached high school, his destiny was set. He met his future bandmates there, and they soon formed a band.

Over the past 20 years, the band (which still includes our mystery kid and one of his old schoolmates) released eight albums. They built up a cult following over the years with their music, which has evolved from punk to post-hardcore to muscular alt-rock. In 2006, they hit No. 1 with their seventh album. He also started a clothing line and is a huge supporter of straight edge. Since being voted World's Sexiest Vegetarian in a 2007 PETA contest, he's formed an electronic side project and joined the Broadway cast of Green Day's 'American Idiot.'

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