Do you know who the smiling kid with the mop of hair is in the above photo? He's in his mid 40s now and he still has an impressive amount of hair, though he wears it in more rock-star fashion these days.

He was born in Northeast Ohio but got his musical start in the Washington, D.C. hardcore scene. He eventually replaced a drummer in a Seattle band and took part in the recording of one of alt-rock's most significant albums. After the singer killed himself, he formed another band, stepping up to the mic as the group's singer and guitarist.

Over the years he's kept plenty busy by gigging with a wide range of artists. Last year, he announced that his band would be taking a break. But he's been more visible than ever since then. Over the past few months, he helped honor one of his favorite bands, Led Zeppelin, with a performance; he filmed a documentary that's become the most buzzed-about movie in the music world in years; and he secured a top gig at the South by Southwest music festival happening later this month.

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