Do you know who the kid with the big smile and spiffy haircut is in our yearbook photo? He looks a tad more scruffy these days. We'd say that's because he's in his early 60s, but truth is, he's looked that way since his mid 20s, when he made his first album.

The raspy-voiced singer and songwriter was born in California and got his start there, penning songs that were covered by more established artists, like Bette Midler and the Eagles. He released his first album in 1973, but it took another 10 years before he settled on the distinctive style that he's best known for.

Over the years, he's starred in some movies, collaborated with playwrights and become a favorite talk-show guest because of the rambling and humorous interviews he gives. But it's his music -- a combination of 1950s noir, apocalyptic cabaret and doomsday indie rock -- that's made him one of music's most singular stylists. In 2011, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and released his 17th album.

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