Who's the kid looking all proper and ready for church in today's mystery yearbook challenge? We'll tell you this: His dark, despairing songs aren't proper, and they sure don't belong in church.

He was born in Brooklyn and has remained a New Yorker all his life. He's pretty much tied to the city with his look, accent and songs. He even started singing in a doo-wop group, back when New York City kids did stuff like that. But then he picked up a guitar, formed a band and everything changed.

While the four records he made with his band -- which were loaded with songs about sex and drugs -- back in the day are now considered classics, they bombed when they came out. It took about a decade for their influence to surface in other artists, who started calling him the godfather of punk. He's maintained a solo career for four decades, collaborating with everyone from his former bandmates to Gorillaz. He even made a much-maligned album with Metallica not too long ago.

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