Who's this smiling kid who looks like he just pulled a prank involving someone's doorstep and dog poop? Or maybe he just told a joke about his penis. We wouldn't put either past him, since he built his career on writing and singing about such things.

He was born in California, where he went to high school and eventually became friends with a kid who shared his shared his love for skateboards and music. They soon formed a band with another friend who played drums and cut their first set of demos while still in school. Not long after, they released their debut album through a local label. Within two years, they were signed to a major record company, where they sang about their penises and made lots of money.

The band ended up switching drummers and became one of the '90s' biggest pop-punk bands. In fact, they were instrumental in shaping the genre during the decade (especially the parts that have to do with snotty kids singing about their genitals). They released four more albums through the early '00s, when they broke up. All of those albums, besides the first, hit the Top 10; one of them reached No. 1. He then formed another, more serious band, which has since released four albums that were moderately successful. In 2011, his original trio reunited. They once again had a hit album and tour.

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