Who's the dapper dude with the big smile, sweet hair and polka dot tie? He hasn't always cleaned up this good, as his various grown-up addictions and vices have proven over the years.

Today's mystery boy was born in San Jose but spent a sizable chunk of his formative years in Ohio. He eventually returned to California as a teenager. By the late '80s he was recording with some punk fans he met at a Black Flag concert. In 1992, his band's debut album was released just as alternative rock was crossing into the mainstream. It reached No. 3. Their followup album, released two years later, hit No. 1.

By the end of the decade, he had developed a serious heroin addiction, which sidelined his and his group's momentum. Soon, his arrest record was more impressive than his music career. Fed up with his jackass ways, his bandmates retreated, leaving our mystery kid to make a solo album and eventually join another band started by guys fleeing their own jackass singer. He's since been kicked out of that group, reunited with his old bandmates and once again angered them enough that he's now a solo artist, stumbling through half-filled concerts of old hits and new songs nobody wants to hear.

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