Do you know who this is? Judging by this yearbook photo, we'd figure this kid would have a bright future in store as a mad scientist. But he actually went on to lead one of the most popular alt-rock bands of the past decade.

He was born in Phoenix, where he worked as a struggling singer for years before an A&R man in Los Angeles asked him to audition for a new group that was coming together. He got the gig, along with another singer (yes, the band has two), and the group got to work on its debut album, which featured a mix of alternative-leaning hard-rock, nu metal and rap rock.

Their debut album was released in 2000 and reached No. 2. It has since sold more than 10 million copies. The four albums they've released since then have all debuted at No. 1. They even released a collaboration record with Jay-Z that reached No.1. Ten of their songs have hit the top of the modern-rock chart.

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