This week's mystery kid in the yearbook photo looks pretty normal for a future rock star. No goofy haircut, no bow tie, no know-it-all-smirk plastered on his face. It comes from his upbringing in a working-class California family.

He eventually went on to form one of the '90s' weirdest alternative bands, mixing funk, metal and experimental noise into his group's music. He started out playing guitar but switched to bass, which has been his instrument of choice every since. And his fat, slap-happy tones are almost as distinctive as his voice -- nasally, singsong and almost spoken at times.

His band has a devoted following, even though their mainstream success is limited to a pair of Top 10 albums and a handful of modern-rock radio hits (only one of which reached the Top 10). In 2011, they released their first album after a dozen-year break. Before their hiatus, they recorded the theme song for an animated TV show. During the break, our mystery dude wrote and directed a movie and wrote a novel.

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