Would you believe this relatively normal looking high-school kid would grow up to be a rock star who scared the living crap out of some people? Of course, he wasn't exactly sporting lightly tousled hair and a striped button-down shirt during his controversy-courting performances.

He grew up in Ohio, where he got an eyeful of his grandfather's weird sexual fetishes. That helped him form his rock-star persona, an industrial-music villain with a penchant for over-the-top stage shows and brutally abrasive music, both of which helped stoke his shock-inducing image.

He came up under Trent Reznor but soon parted ways with the Nine Inch Nails frontman to pursue his own branch of modern rock. Over the years, his music and image -- deliberately controversial, from his dead actress/serial killer stage name to his mangled covers of other people's songs -- has softened a bit. But he still raises eyebrows.

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