Who's the dude who looks positively stoked to be graduating? From the look on his face, he might not be sure what exactly is going on with his life at that moment, but the faraway gaze says he's happy all the same. Probably because no more school = more time for his music.

He was born in Beirut but moved to Los Angeles when he was five. It was there that he attended a bilingual Armenian high school and met two of his future bandmates. The band's mix of alt-rock, alt-metal, art-rock and prog started to take shape on their debut album. But it wasn't a hit. Their next album, however, was, debuting at No. 1. Four years later, they released two albums within six months of each other, and they both debuted at the top of the chart too.

Since then, the band has been on a break, with its members taking on various solo projects. Our mystery yearbook kid, the group's singer, has released three solo records, with his fourth due next month. They've moved into more classical territories, incorporating strings and other sophisticated instruments into his increasingly artsy work.

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