Take a good look at the kid in today's yearbook mystery photo. Know who it is? The hair got a little less goofy as he got famous, but the sullen look on his face comes and goes, depending on how his band is doing and whether or not the tabloids are paying attention to what he's doing.

He was born in a Chicago suburb, where he formed his breakthrough band, best known for super-catchy pop-punk songs with impossibly long titles. Even though our mystery kid isn't the group's singer, he's the main songwriter and most photogenic member, which is why most focus was placed on him -- the band's bass player, of all things -- during the group's peak years.

After a four-year hiatus, his band recently released its fifth album, which, like its last one, debuted at No. 1. But the boy has grown up considerably since then. He still owns one of emo's most successful record labels, but he's no longer married to another famous person. And he no longer sends out selfies of his penis online.

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