Do you know who this dude is in our yearbook photo? He already looks like a rock star, even at this young age, don't ya think? The long hair, the blank stare ... only thing that throws us off the scent is that tie.

Our mystery kid was born in Los Angeles. His immigrant parents were both artists, working in dance, painting and sculpting between them. So it was only natural that their only son would eventually move in that direction. He formed his first band in high school; by the time he turned 18, he was hanging around with the guy who'd become the lead singer in his new group.

Our mystery kid co-writes almost all of the band's songs. He also sings occasionally, plays guitar and co-produces their albums. He's a multi-instrumentalist who also spends time with a side project. But it's his main group, which has racked up three No. 1 albums, that gets the most attention. They've been on hiatus since 2005, but he's stayed busy with various other projects.

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