Ahead of the release of their latest record, ‘Lift a Sail,’ Yellowcard have partnered with the international organization Invisible Children to release the brand-new music video for ‘One Bedroom.’ Check it out above.

Invisible Children strives to end the reign of violence of Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army in Africa. As the organization’s website says, “We are ending the LRA conflict in the only way we know how: through innovative programs that protect communities in central Africa, and lay the foundation for lasting peace in the post-conflict region.”

Frontman Ryan Key is excited to unveil the new video with the group. “Working with Invisible Children for the ‘One Bedroom’ music video was an incredible experience,” he says. “We have never had the opportunity to connect our music to something so much bigger than ourselves in such a direct way.”

‘One Bedroom’ is much more than just a music video. Fans will find a deep storyline in the footage, filled with statistics and dramatizations of what reality is like living in fear of the LRA.

For more information on Invisible Children, visit their official website here. As for Yellowcard, ‘Lift a Sail’ hits store shelves on Oct. 7 via Razor & Tie. They are hitting the road soon -- get their full tour schedule here.