In late June, You Me & Us released their debut EP, ‘Stay Inside.’ It’s a short but very sweet introduction to their poppy shoegaze sound, and it's already landed the Palm Springs group widespread recognition and performances at Coachella and SXSW. So if you haven’t already heard of this trio, the time is now.

Frontwoman Carlee Hendrix and drummer Ignacio Caniza began making music in high school, and bassist Alyssa Midcalf joined up later on. The timing of their formation makes sense, as the group describes their music as what a burgeoning high school crush might sound like — alternately euphoric and completely melancholic.

If this is your first time hearing You Me & Us, today’s free MP3, ‘Swim or Sink,’ will offer a brief ride on their roller coaster of emotion and energy. This noise-pop tune perfectly blends the sweet innocence of Hendrix’s vocals with the group's knack for fuzzy, spaced-out instrumentation.

“I love sunny pop songs, simple chord progressions and easy melodies, but lyrically, I like there to be strangeness,” she told “It’s a modern take on nostalgic pop.”

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