After seeing some success with their debut EP, Los Angeles’ Young Creatures self-produced their sophomore EP, ‘Habitats,’ with the help of engineer Raymond Richards (Local Natives) and Greg Calbi (Kings of Leon), who handled mastering. Released last month, the new record offers a twist on typical pop-rock fare, as the band infuses its music with unexpected psychedelic tones.

That especially true on the EP's lead single, ‘Waste My Time,’ available here for free download. The addictive pop tune features the foursome's more experimental instrumentation, and while the catchy hook will draw you in, its the weirder bits that will keep you coming back for more.

“In its truest form, ‘Waste My Time’ is a ‘love’ song, though it is cloaked in trippy tones and a pulsing, moving dance groove,” the band told

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