Carmen Cirignano started Young Statues as a one-man band back in 2010, but it wasn't long before he was recruiting backing musicians, releasing a self-titled debut album and hitting the road with the likes of Saves the Day, the Wonder Years and the Early November. The group returns April 2 with 'Age Isn’t Ours,' and judging from emo-tinged indie rock of 'Ghost Passenger' -- check out our exclusive stream below -- the new EP picks up right where 'Young Statues' left off.

"I've always admired the way songwriters like Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan tell such vivid stories in their songs," Cirignano tells "In 'Ghost Passenger' I really wanted try emulating that, to bring to life some of my experiences growing up in New Jersey. The song is about the inevitability of having to leave certain things, and people behind as you move forward in your life."

Click here to see the band's brand-new 'Age Isn’t Ours' trailer.

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