In a recent interview with Huffington Post, destroyer of dreams Zack Snyder talked about, among other terrible decisions he's inflicted on the movie-going public, his version of 'Watchmen.' When Snyder was asked about master filmmaker Terry Gilliam's plans for his own ill-fated version of the remake, Snyder let us all know how much better off we all are that Gilliam never got his way.

"So, finally, I made it to save it from the Terry Gilliams of this world," said the director whose extended music videos are often passed off as movies. So, in other words, be thankful that we got Snyder's ultra-violent action-movie version of one of the most defining comic books of all time instead of some boring think-piece deconstructing the notion of superheroes and glamorized bloodshed.

If only Snyder could have gotten to other classic works before Gilliam -- there's no telling how many explosions and graphic sex scenes Snyder could have squeezed into, say, 'Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas.' What glossy, breast-filled adolescent fantasy did we miss out on when the studios didn't give Snyder the chance to direct 'Twelve Monkeys'?

If Snyder had gotten hold of 'The Fisher King,' we all would have clapped our hands in delight as Robin Williams ripped the heads off of Jeff Bridges' attackers. We wouldn't have any of this pansy introspective character study garbage; we'd get the well-toned butt cheeks and lightning-fast roundhouse kicks we, as paying film fanatics, deserve.