The comeback is a time-honored tradition. You know the drill: Beloved musicians disappear from the limelight and leave us, their hardcore fans, with nothing to do but cherish their greatest albums, search the nooks and crannies of record stores and the Internet for rarities and cross our fingers for a reunion and possibly new music. Some artists grant our wishes, but in doing so, they take on a lot of risk. Successful comebacks aren't unheard of, but after years away, many musicians fail to live up to their storied legacies.

Fortunately, 2013 saw stellar comebacks from some of our favorite artists. Some returned after less than five years away from the game, while others -- Pixies, David Bowie and My Bloody Valentine, most notably -- ended hiatuses that had gone on much longer. As part of our 2014 Fan Choice Awards, we're asking you to weigh in with your picks for Best Comeback. You can vote up to once per hour from now until 10AM on Feb. 11, so be sure to make your voice heard.