It doesn't get much better than today's music festivals. The best of the bunch bring together laundry lists of great acts and allow you to see all of your favorites in the span of a single weekend. Of course, due to overlapping performance times, it can be stressful having to pick and choose what artists to catch, but that's not such a bad problem to have when it comes down to it.

From east (Mountain Jam in upstate New York) to west (Coachella in California) and north (Lollapalooza in Chicago) to south (Texas' Austin City Limits Festival), there were great line-ups to be seen all across the country in 2013. Vote for your absolute favorite in our poll for the Best Music Festival below. Polls close at 10AM on Feb. 11, and you're allowed to cast one ballot per hour, so show your love for the events that made your year.