Cat Power knows it's been a while since she's recorded original music, and she's more than ready to make up for that. The singer has announced the release date of a new album titled 'Sun.'


Power, who was last heard from on 2008's covers collection, 'Jukebox,' tells the Stool Pigeon (quote via Quietus), "I entered a long relationship which I really wanted to be successful. You know that thing we're all raised to want: a beautiful life with children -- that family thing that is tangible? I was trying to grow my personal life in a way that I never did before. So now that relationship is over and it's come full circle … There's a great loss personally in my life right now, but there's also a gift in that I'm lucky I finished this album."

She threw herself fully into the new record, playing all of the instruments on the release. She explains, "I wanted to prove that I could depend on myself, musically, because I hadn't been playing guitar or piano in like five years and … it was just this feeling that you're not growing if you're not doing something creative."

The 'Sun' album is expected to be released on September 4, and you can hear new song 'Ruin' here.

Cat Power 'Sun' Track List:

1. 'Cherokee'
2. 'Sun'
3. 'Ruin'
4. '3,6,9'
5. 'Always on My Own'
6. 'Real Life'
7. 'Human Being'
8. 'Manhattan'
9. 'Silent Machine'
10. 'Nothin' but Time'
11. 'Peace and Love'