Coachella 2013 is fast approaching, and since you already know why we're excited, we thought we'd check in with some of our favorite Indio-bound artists and see who they're looking forward to seeing. We were honored to hear back from the Three O'Clock, the legendary band that both coined the phrase "Paisley Underground" and exemplified the sound of that early-'80s SoCal scene, playing a jangly, swirly, folky, melody-drenched hybrid of '60s psychedelic rock, '70s power-pop and '80s post-punk. After 25 years apart, the group is prepping a 20-track retrospective, 'The Hidden World Revealed,' and reuniting for a handful of West Coast shows -- as well as an appearance tonight (April 10) on 'Conan.'

Drummer Danny Benair took time out of his schedule to share the five acts he's hoping to catch at Coachella, and his globe-spanning list includes acts from Scotland, Australia, England and the Three O'Clock's hometown of Los Angeles. Check out Benair's picks, and keep an eye out for 'The Hidden World Revealed,' due out June 25 on Omnivore Recordings.

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    Loved them from their first 45, so saw great gigs (Food Record Party). Count me in.

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    Deap Vally

    Tried to sign to a publishing deal. Really enjoy the band -- should be fun.

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    The Stone Roses

    If we reformed, must check out another...

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    Tame Impala

    Loved the first record -- need to see live.

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    Franz Ferdinand

    Got them their first TV placement: 'Shopping for Blood' in a car commercial. Look forward to the new record. New track has the classic 'I Feel Love' in it . Live: Woo-hoo!