Following Saturday’s (April 18) late-night Kanye West surprise, Coachella attendees were reinvigorated with the possibility of pop-up guests. Unlike previous years, the headlining acts at this year's event have been light on crowd-stunning surprise appearances. Weekend closer Drake teased at another female guest in the form of Nicki Minaj, who sashayed briefly across the stage in front of him. Fans went nuts, but it would end up being nothing more than a cameo with no performance to accompany it.

Drake aside, the rest of the acts leading up to the final headliner of 2015’s fest were stunners, keeping full momentum going until the very last moment. The next biggest question -- after who potential guests of the weekend could be -- was how would Florence and the Machine manage following her harrowing leap from the stage last weekend, resulting in a broken foot? The outcome was everything the crowd could’ve hoped for.

After strict instructions not to walk on the injury, Florence Welch remained perched atop her stool after being carried out by guitarist Robert Ackroyd. Even without her immense leaps and bounds, Welch’s voice led the band through a shortened, but just as breathtaking set. Unlike Drake, she was indeed accompanied by a friend in the form of Father John Misty, who appeared to play a bonus cover of “Love Hurts.”

Throughout the day each stage was studded with other established and up and coming female-led acts. The lack of a strong female presence on the bill in recent years has been a source of some contention, but with Marina and the DiamondsSt. VincentJenny LewisAngel Olsen and Mø proved that the fest is making more and more of an effort to book these strong musicians to play at the same levels as their male counterparts.

Around the time of SXSW, posters were popping up all over with the phrase “Who is Stromae?” printed on them. Those posters are no longer relevant, with his first weekend performance stirring up more buzz and his second weekend filling the Mojave tent with a mass of youngsters ready to dance, singing back the French lyrics to the best of their ability.

Whoever decided to place Ryan Adams in the Sunday evening sunset slot at the Outdoor Stage is a scheduling master. After days trekking around the polo fields, Adams and his band were the perfect come-down. Just as during weekend one, between-song comments from Adams were quick witted and full of charm. At one point the singer took a moment to point out a member of the Grateful Dead viewing his set, “Hey man, this song is for Bob f---ing Weir, who I see right over there at the sound booth. God damn!” After the song and a quick guitar change, Adams jested that he didn’t think he was supposed to reveal that information.

And with that, Coachella is wrapped up! Six days, two weekends and more bands then we can count ... check out our final photo gallery of the third day of Weekend Two up above, and get ready for next year!