Since reuniting in 2005, alterna-legends Dinosaur Jr. have released two albums of new material. On Sept. 18, they will release a third, 'I Bet on Sky.' The first single from that record, 'Watch the Corners,' is currently streaming at Rolling Stone's website.

By the time they got famous in the early '90s, Dinosaur Jr. was really frontman J. Mascis and whoever he was playing with at any given moment, but the new Dinosaur Jr. brings back the original lineup of Mascis, bassist Lou Barlow and drummer Murph. After leaving in the late '80s, Barlow would become a lo-fi pioneer in the mid '90s as the frontman of both the Folk Implosion and Sebadoh.

Dinosaur Jr. have always been at their best when combining the sound of Neil Young and Crazy Horse with the melodies of the Replacements, and 'Watch the Corners' is no exception. Even through the lousy built-in speakers on a laptop, Mascis' gruff, but affecting, voice and layers of distorted guitars on 'Watch the Corners' remain distinctive. Murph's tin-can snare and fills keep everything moving along at a steady mid-tempo. There's also a nice four-bar acoustic breakdown in the bridge before the song kicks back into gear, concluding with a killer extended outro guitar solo from Mascis.

'Watch the Corners' isn't groundbreaking, but those who remember the early days of alternative rock -- before Dinosaur Jr. got tagged as a "grunge" band for "slackers" -- will be taken back on a nice nostalgia trip with it.

Dinosaur Jr. are currently on tour. Check out the dates here.

Listen to Dinosaur Jr.'s 'Watch the Corners'