While their previous track, 'In n Out,' tried to take a relationship to the next level, Dutch Uncles' latest, 'Decided Knowledge,' focuses on something we can all relate to: bad interviews.

Staying with the electro-pop sound that has become the English band's signature, this song transports the listener back to the '80s. Listening to the lyrics, you really get a sense of what Duncan Wallis may have been going through during this meeting gone bad.

“The lyrics came as a reaction to failing very miserably at a job interview,” the Dutch Uncles frontman said in a statement. “It was a council job at a local arts centre. I thought personal experience would account for something, but it really didn’t.

He also adds, “So the melodramatic tone of the words reflect a) how very assuming I was; and, b) how very unsuitable for the job I was in the first place.”

So the next time you feel like you didn't do too well in that job interview, you can just play this track and rest assured that you're not alone.

'Decided Knowledge' is the latest track off Dutch Uncles' upcoming record, 'O Shudder,' set for release on Feb. 24 via Memphis Industries.