Katie Buchanan's alt-country-esque music has an interesting aura to it; just when it feels like it's edging ever so slightly in to the world of pop, she pulls it back to the folk side where it seems like it's most comfortable. One such song that straddles that line is the title track from her latest EP, 'Go.' Diffuser is excited to debut Buchanan's brand-new live video for 'Go' this week -- the first in a four-part string of acoustic videos from the singer-songwriter.

"I'd been toying with the idea of doing an acoustic series for a while, even shot some of it," Buchanan tells us. "But it struck me as rather boring to go sing the same songs, into the same mics, in the same studio where I recorded my EP."

So instead of doing the same thing she's done in the past, Buchanan partnered with a videographer and shot four live acoustic videos throughout Brooklyn. There's something special about singing soulful music on an acoustic guitar in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world; the fragility of her music is actually complemented by the harshness of the street sounds.

Maybe those two aspects work together because she grew up in Kansas and now resides in New York City. Buchanan has already adapted Midwestern hospitality to the strong-will of the East Coast, so it only makes sense her music does the same.

"I remember shooting this one the best," she says of 'Go.' "The sun ducked for a moment, the wind picked up, the stage was set quite nicely for a song that lives in the pauses, in the moments it takes to breathe. 'Go' reflects a very dark time for me, but it’s constantly changing and evolving, which makes it endlessly fascinating to sing."

Watch Buchanan's powerful acoustic rendition of 'Go' in the video player above, and stay tuned as we premiere three more live videos over the next few weeks. For more details on her latest EP, 'Go,' visit her official website here.