In the second of her four-part acoustic series, Diffuser is excited to unveil Katie Buchanan's 'Shake Down,' shot in Brooklyn's Red Hook neighborhood. "The space makes the performance, why not find a new one," Buchanan tells us about her decision to film acoustic performances throughout New York City. You can watch 'Shake Down' in the above video.

'Shake Down' opens Buchanan's latest EP, 'Go.' "[This song] had long been the problem child of this EP," the Kansas-native turned New Yorker remarks. "We were having issues with transitioning it to stage, and I couldn’t enjoy singing it, which [is a] huge red flag."

Not one to turn her back on a song, though, Buchanan explains her next steps. "I took the song out of the setlist and brought it back home, determined to figure out a way to like playing it again. And I did, the night before we shot this video. You’re seeing the first time I enjoyed singing this song in months. Plus, the natural slap-back reverb didn't hurt one bit. This one was a blast."

Watch Buchanan’s spirited acoustic interpretation of 'Shake Down' above; while the studio track features a powerful musical arrangement, there's something special about hearing -- and seeing -- it stripped down and laid bare. Stay tuned as we premiere two more live videos over the next couple of weeks. For more details on Buchanan's EP, ‘Go,’ visit her official website here.