Lana Del Rey sure has been keeping busy outside of the music world as of late, what with being named the
face of Jaguar, getting featured in an H&M lookbook and even nabbing her very own line of Mulberry luxury handbags. Now, LDR has landed the cover of the October issue of Vogue Australia, where she also gets a multi-page photo spread.

In the spread, Del Rey shows off her trademark pillow-lipped pout as she models a floral Gucci gown, a virgin white dress and a selection of stylish autumn sweaters, along with a variety of  hairdos, included her naturally long red tresses and a heavily braided look. She also shares her admittedly casual history with fashion, telling the magazine:

I never expressed myself through fashion. I loved flowers in my hair, I loved guys who wore leather, but I didn’t get creative… From the age of about seven I had really specific tastes that never changed. I loved wearing white, old fur and gold. It’s funny because now people in fashion kind of came to my rescue when other people said they didn’t like the record but that was unexpected for me because I was never really that.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video of Lana Del Rey on the Vogue Australia photo shoot here, and scroll down for a few photos from the spread. A handful of additional pics are available here.