My Morning Jacket singer Jim James is currently on the road with his bandmates to promote their excellent 2011 album, 'Circuital.' Despite his busy schedule, James has found time to churn out his solo debut, which he thinks MMJ fans will like.

Speaking to Spin, James admitted that he's still finalizing details on the disc, but revealed that it will contain nine songs and hopes to have it out by next February. The musician is still trying to decide on a title and who his touring band will be.

"There's two or three options," James said when referring about what the album will be called. "We'll probably tour for that in March, then I think we're planning on getting together to make the next Jacket record in April or May and see where that goes."

James didn't clarify if his backing band would actually be his current bandmates or not. The Louisville, Ky. native initially worked on his first solo outing so that he could spend some quality time in the studio by himself.

"I love playing all different kinds of instruments that I normally don't need to play or don't have to play in My Morning Jacket," explained James. "I love playing keyboards and bass, and I love programming. I love working on music with people very, very much but I also love to be alone, too."

A new hobby that the My Morning Jacket frontman picked up is remixing other people's songs. James has grown fond of letting his creative side give a different interpretation of other artists' music.

"That's been a really fun process for my brain, working on somebody else's music with my own creative freedom," he said. James has become quite the fan of North Carolina outfit Floating Action and will release their new record on his Removador label.

"I got to know the guy who leads the band [Seth Kauffman] through some of my friends in Dr. Dog," he shared. "We talked a little bit, and I offered to release his next album on my Removador label. We're going to release that in September, and I've been obsessed with it and doing remixes for it. It's been really cool."

Take a listen to James' remix of an older Floating Action track, 'The Balance,' below.

Listen to Jim James' Remix of Floating Action's 'The Balance'