In just two weeks, electropop headliners Passion Pit will release their much anticipated second studio album. Building excitement for ‘Gossamer,’ the band has released a funky and slow third track, ‘Constant Conversations.’

Building with a deep, slow beat fitting to an Outkast, with Michael Angelakos taking the role of Andre3000, this is a joyously vibed serenade. Like the endorphin rush of a night that brings a night to dawn, this ‘Conversation’ has a fireflies and marshmallows type sticky sweetness, both summery and chilled. Goof-rapped verses and a swaggery-polit  chorus of ‘oh oh ohs’ give this an air of languid romance.

Just take a look at that cover art for the single. A guy and a girl, lens flare, August: This is the kind of stuff that will blow up Tumblr for at least an hour or so. It’s stunning to consider how relaxed this listen is compared to the white knuckled intensity of ‘Take a  Walk’ or the schizophrenic ultra falsetto of ‘I’ll Be Alright.’ Clearly, ‘Gossamer’ is going to be a wide-ranging listen -- that’s already a full gradient of personality.

That album comes out on Columbia on July 24. Look for the review here. Until then, get content and sleep-deprived with these ‘Constant Conversations.’

Listen to Passion Pit, 'Constant Conversations'