Don’t hold back your passions, you might have been told by a guidance counselor at some point -- but more aptly, don’t hold back your Passion Pit. ‘I’ll Be Alright’ is the pop-rockers at their most outrageously frenetic, an ADHD beep-and-boops soufflé that’s as infectious and outrageous as anything they’ve made.

The second track released from the forthcoming studio album ‘Gossamer’ -- the first being the working class narrative ‘Take A Walk’ -- spins and splices in high definition hysteria. The first 10 seconds form a bite-sized over-the-top overture in themselves -- the samples and synths are so dense they would exhaust, if they weren’t so much fun.

After the rush of the opening, the second half opens into a self-searching breakdown, with frontman Michael Angelakos asking, "Why do I keep housing all this suffering?" Dude went through a lot while making the new record, which comes through in the concentration and thoughtfulness of the 'I'll Be Alright.'

The sugary sound of the new track is startlingly different from the bumps and bruises of 'Take a Walk,' a juxtaposition which we should expect more of on the new record. "If it feels like one song is drastically different from another who cares?" frontman Michael Angelakos told NME. "I just really wanted to make a collection of good songs, the kind of album that harps back to the '90s … Everybody now wants new songs to sound the same and I really dislike that."

'Gossamer' drops on July 24 on Columbia. It's going to be a rush.

Listen to Passion Pit's 'I'll Be Alright'