Roman soldiers, football players, cheerleaders, Marie Antoinette clones, wolves, Indians, steeds and a T-Rex are all running on the beach in this commercial for Samsung's Smart TV, which has Smart Recommendation and advanced controls for voice/gesture. Who needs a remote control? The spot features a booming, semi-garage-rock-style song as the above-mentioned characters take off on foot while being chased by helicopters, cops in patrol cars and muscle cars during this race to the finish.

The song is aptly titled 'Run' by Kill It Kid, who mix roots, rock and blues like it was their job. Oh wait, it is their job. The song is featured on the British band's second album, 'Feet Fall Heavy,' and it's clear that these U.K. rockers were influenced by decidedly American forms of music.

The song's texture and tone fit the vibe of the commercial, which borrows heavily from big-budget action film cliches.

Watch the Samsung Smart TV Commercial Feat. Kill It Kid