There are few moments in the life of a teenager making the transition into adulthood that are bigger than getting accepted into college. It's a moment rife with endless possibility. The retail giant Target celebrates the joy of opening the college acceptance letter -- or, in some cases, the acceptance email -- and the accompanying tune perfectly matches that excitement with a perfect mix of upbeat, catchy and winsome indie pop. So, what's the song?

The tune is 'Soldier,' the first track on 'Everybody,' the fourth album from New York-based indie pop temptress Ingrid Michaelson. She's released a total of five full-lengths over her career, but you may know her more from her TV work, which has included songs in commercials for everything from Old Navy and Traveler's Insurance to soundtracking shows like 'Grey's Anatomy, 'Scrubs' and 'One Tree Hill.'

The commercial itself features home video footage of various aspiring college students bursting with excitement as they receive the big news. "Every kid deserves this moment," reads text on the screen. "Great schools can get them here." The clip then informs viewers that Target is on, umm, target to give $1 billion to kindergarten through grade 12 schools by 2015, helping make such dreams of higher education a reality.

Hear Ingrid Michaelson's 'Soldier' In the Target 'Acceptance' 2012 Commercial