'A Husband and a Wife Should Sleep Together' is one of the most hauntingly honest songs off of the Wind and the Wave's debut album, 'From the Wreckage.' It only makes sense, then, that our exclusive behind-the-scenes video about the track features Dwight Baker and Patricia Lynn opening up in a very vulnerable way.

Discussing their own relationship issues, it doesn't take long to realize how much blood, sweat and tears went into the writing and recording of 'A Husband and a Wife Should Sleep Together.' Even as a slow and methodical track, Baker's evocative soundscape and Lynn's despondent lyrics combine to create a hypnotic song, one that will stick with listeners long after hearing it.

The Wind and the Wave’s debut album, ‘From the Wreckage,’ is now available on CD, digital and vinyl formats via RCA Records. Get all the details right here.