Laden with distortion and soul, the Wind and the Wave's 'The Heart It Beats the Thunder Rolls' is one of the more dynamic tracks from the duo's debut album, 'From the Wreckage.' More than just dynamic sounding -- thanks to multi-instrumentalist Dwight Baker -- the tune is also filled with attitude from Patricia Lynn's lyrics, most notably in the line, "I don't want a f--king picket fence / See, I just want to make you mine."

In our third exclusive teaser video with the Wind and the Wave, the band opens up about the "swagger" in the song and what the underlying meaning is behind the words Lynn so beautifully sings. 'The Heart It Beats the Thunder Rolls' is the ninth track on the band's new record.

The Wind and the Wave’s debut album, ‘From the Wreckage,’ is now available on CD, digital and vinyl formats via RCA Records. Get all the details right here.