There's something about Rhye's 'Open' that just oozes pure sexuality. The Los Angeles electronica duo had a bit of buzz backing them when the tune's  NSFW video dropped backed in February, and not surprisingly inspired at least one imitator in the advertising arena. That would be the edit house behind this new commercial for Victoria's Secret's summer 2012 line of cotton lingerie.

Victoria's Secret, of course, is known for its own borderline NSFW clips full of nubile young models flaunting lots of skin covered by the occasional skimpy Burkina cotton racerback bras or bikini-cut panties. The company has a history of controversial clips featuring A-list supermodels -- everybody from Kate Moss and Elle MacPherson to Tyra Banks and Gisele Bündchen have appeared over the years -- and this one is no different, showcasing Aussie hottie Miranda Kerr.

Unlike the famous flesh on parade in the Victoria's Secret commercial, however, the band members of Rhye have gone in the opposite direction, aiming to keep their identities secret -- for the sake of their music, they insist. "It’s going to be hard to keep it a secret," says one of the band's two members (neither even uses a nickname). "Our point isn’t just to stay hush about it for the sake of publicity. We want people to be interested in the music ... our attempt at anonymity was to allow the songs to just be their own thing."

If Rhye want their songs to be "their own thing," then why is it in a Victoria's Secret ad? Regardless of the answer to that one, it certainly makes for one sexy commercial.

Watch the Victoria's Secret's Summer 2012 Cotton Lingerie Commercial