We know how it is on Sundays. You don't want to do a whole lot -- maybe kick back with a tasty beverage and just watch some stuff. You're in luck. Our new weekly 10 Cool Videos feature includes some our favorite videos. Sometimes they'll be artist-based. Sometimes they'll be based on themes. And every time they'll be packed with 100 percent awesome. This week: 10 Cool Animated Videos.

  • Arcade Fire, 'Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)'

    The Canadian collective packs a lot of animated goodies in this clip for the third single off their terrific debut LP.

  • Blur, 'Coffee and TV'

    The Britpop band's cute video starring a wandering little milk carton is one of our all-time favorites.

  • Neko Case, 'People Got a Lotta Nerve'

    The New Pornographer's elegant clip for this jangly tune looks like it was ripped from a classic storybook.

  • Daft Punk, 'One More Time'

    The electronic-music duo's slick video for its all-time best song is a funky sci-fi epic that will blow your mind.

  • Gorillaz, '19-2000'

    Appropriately, one of the cartoon group's best videos is -- wait for it -- a cartoon, featuring the band's animated alter egos.

  • Pearl Jam, 'Do the Evolution'

    After a six-year break from making videos, Pearl Jam returned with this message-heavy, and visually stunning, clip.

  • Radiohead, 'Paranoid Android'

    No surprise that Radiohead's video for the super-ambitious 'Paranoid Android' is almost as epic as the song itself.

  • Spoon, 'Everything Hits At Once'

    This melancholic clip packs more emotional weight than a dozen romantic comedies starring Drew Barrymore or Kate Hudson.

  • The White Stripes, 'Fell in Love With a Girl'

    There aren't too many things cooler than Legos ... except maybe the White Stripes as Legos.

  • Wilco, 'Dawned on Me'

    Jeff Tweedy gets the girl (in this case, Olive Oyl) in this wonderful 1930s-style clip starring Popeye, Pluto and Bluto.

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