What's your Mustang? In a new commercial, Ford is positing the idea that there's a Mustang inside us all that's simply waiting to be unleashed. The music that they've chosen to promote their theory is 'How It Starts' by the Features.

In the one-minute spot, a silver Mustang is cruising down a not-very busy city street. Three people - a sleek and sexy woman, a muscular dude and a bicycle-driving, iPod-wearing hipster - pause to notice the car as it passes. The car's color changes to reflect their styles - the woman's outfit, the dude's tattoos and the hipster's shirt.

As it approaches the corner, a little girl in pink ballerina clothes spots the car briefly turns pink before it goes black. It slows down long enough for the girl to look at herself in the window, only her reflection shows that she is wearing black before the Mustang speeds off.

Despite being from Sparta, Tenn., the hometown of bluegrass legend Lester Flatt, the Features work that mixture of guitar rock and dance grooves that Franz Ferdinand popularized. 'How It Starts,' comes from their third full-length album, 'Wilderness,' which was released in 2011 on fellow Tennesseans Kings of Leon's Serpents & Snakes label.

Watch the Features, 'How It Starts' in the New Ford Mustang Commercial

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