How foxy is Mitsubishi's new Outlander Sport? Foxy enough to make the moon fall in love with it, apparently -- and to resurrect Bobby Caldwell's career-defining hit 'What You Won't Do for Love' for a new commercial.

The auto giant's latest ad campaign for the crossover SUV finds a lovely young woman getting behind the wheel and heading into the city for what seems to be a night of fun. And what's she bumping over the car's 710-watt Rockford Fosgate audio system with nine speakers (including a 10-inch subwoofer) and 40GB music server? Why, it's 'What You Won't Do for Love,' the song that kicked off Bobby Caldwell's rise to fame way back in 1978. Despite the fact that the song is almost definitely older than she is, our driver seems to be totally into Mr. Caldwell's smooth grooves.

Matter of fact, she seems fairly unflappable all the way around, because as she speeds her Outlander Sport around the city streets, it becomes clear the moon is stalking her -- and not in the same way it seems to follow everyone who drives at night. Either the moon is a huge Bobby Caldwell fan, or it really wants to drive an Outlander Sport, because it spends the commercial gawking and peering not so suavely around buildings. Fortunately for the moon, our driver seems to find the whole thing sort of charming, and she gives us no reason to believe she'll file a restraining order or spiral into the sort of gibbering madness we might experience if the same thing happened to us.

As for Caldwell, the Mitsubishi commercial is just the latest in a long line of reappearances for 'What You Won't Do for Love,' which has been covered and sampled over the years by everyone from Aaliyah and 2Pac to Go West. The song has already been very good to him, but if this spot really takes off, maybe he can buy his own Outlander Sport with the royalties.