Seattle rockers 7 Year Bitch, who called it a day back in 1997, have recently been making some noise. In October, they got a new web site up and running, and now they've announced an archival live recording set for release.

After digging through the vaults, the ladies unearthed a 1996 recording of a performance at Seattle's Club Moe. The vintage set – titled simply Live At MOE – is due for release on Jan. 15 on Moe Recordings.

The album features the lineup of Selene Vigil-Wilk on vocals,guitarist Roisin Dunne, bassist Elizabeth Davis-Simpson and drummer Valerie Agnew and it was produced by Scott Blum. You can download a free taste of the album at the label's website. Check out the cover art:

Moe Recordings

"Hearing the tapes was cool as hell," said drummer Valerie Agnew in a press release for the album. "I hadn’t really been thinking much about those days and was excited to be reminded of the strength of our performance and pleasantly surprised by the fact that Scott had kept the recordings all these years."

The band released a teaser video which features the song "The Scratch." Live At MOE is available for preorder through the band's website.

"Putting this record out now feels important because nobody is going to tell our story for us," Agnew added. "And because we were not active during the digital age, there is very little accurate info about our band on the internet so this feels like a cool way to document our history."

'Live at Moe' Track List:
1. 24,900 Miles Per Hour
2. Crying Shame
3. M.I.A.
4. Deep In The Heart
5. Hip Like Junk
6. Miss Understood
7. Rock A Bye
8. The Midst
9. Lorna
10. 2nd Hand
11. The Scratch
12. Kiss My Ass Goodbye

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