Between the myriad Republican candidates and the uncertainty of who will emerge as the top Democratic candidate, it might seem like there's room for everybody who is interested in running for President of the United States in 2016... unless you're Democratic candidate Lincoln Chafee, who is currently polling at 0% support. If he is unable to reach 1% support, he will not be invited to take part in televised debates, effective ending his candidacy.

Conan O'Brien felt bad for the guy, so in addition to taking some time out of last night's Conan to make a case for Chafee, he also recruited Aimee Mann and Ted Leo to write a campaign song for Chafee, which they based very heavily on Fine Young Cannibals' "She Drives Me Crazy" and also performed live. Check out the video below.

As the song makes clear, they're not asking to cast your presidential vote for Chafee, just to show early support and get him to 1% support. The two sing, "He's Lincoln Chafee, let's get him to one percent / He'll never be President, just get him one percent."

That might not be the strongest campaign song, but it's some free publicity that, who know, may just get Chafee to one percent.

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