Sometimes -- though rarely -- we are given a glimpse of perfection. The three-piece band co-fronted by Aimee Mann and Ted Leo, known as the Both, are more prone to providing such a glimpse than most other musical acts. The art of three-piece pop-rock can be deceptively complex, and the Both execute this art perfectly. Please accept as evidence of this claim their performance of 'Volunteers of America' on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers' in the video above.

The Both's debut self-titled album came out back in April. 'Volunteers of America' is the second single from the album, following 'Milwaukee.' Since then, the duo has been making the rounds on late night television.

Mann recently announced on her website that she's reviving her Christmas show, which also includes sketch performances, videos and special guests. She and Leo will begin touring from Dec. 2-Dec. 16.

And in case you missed it before, here's the video for the Both's first single, 'Milwaukee':

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